Mayor Brown Cancels Q&A Cuz He Don’t Like the Qs

Prove me wrong, bro.

In a move that must be considered by even disinterested observers to have been made in absolute pathetic cowardice, Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown canceled tonight’s Ask the Mayor Social Media Town Hall. 

Why did the Mayor cancel the Ask the Mayor Social Media Town Hall? Well, there was a whole lot of rain yesterday and many areas around town were flooded yesterday. That is the brave brave mayor’s official answer.

Why did the Mayor REALLY cancel the Ask the Mayor Social Media Town Hall? Well, probably because the majority of the questions (99.999999999% of them) were about the mayor’s refusal to back the city ordinance to add sexual orientation to the list of things you’re not allowed to discriminate about in Jacksonville.

Why is the mayor so reluctant to throw his support behind this issue even though he callously pandered to the LGBT community to get elected? NOBODY KNOWS BECAUSE HE WON’T SAY JACK ABOUT IT. So, I pretty much just assume that he’s a complete coward and scared of some kind of churchy back-lash, or he genuinely hates gay people.

Which one is it Alvie? ? ? They both suck. They both suck. What’s that thing people say about ducks? If it sucks like a duck and it is as cowardly as a freshly born fuzzy baby duckling, IT MUST BE A DUCK.

I wish that weren’t the case here. But we’ve all given you the benefit of the doubt up to this point Alvin.

Even Archbishop Desmond Mother Fucking Tutu has weighed in supporting the Human Right Ordinance Amendment. 

Where ya at Alvin?

Canceling the Q&A tonight is totally fucking weak. There aint shit to do about  the storm 24 hours later, at night. It is a cowardly evasion. If it is not a cowardly evasion, reschedule. Then answer the questions. Answer them all.

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