Avondale Sinkhole Reveals Cthulhu Beneath Home of Tax Collector Mike Corrigan

Mike Corrigan: COJ Tax Collector, Former District 14 Councilman, All-Around Alright Dude

Cthulhu: Ancient Horror, Old One, Very Bad Dude

Friends, Colleagues and constituents of Jacksonville Tax Collector Mike Corrigan were stunned yesterday when a sinkhole caused by tropical Storm Debby-related flooding collapsed the street in front of his house revealing what one witness described as an “H.P. Lovecraft-style dimensional rift between our world and the realm of the old ones.”

Fortunately for Avondale residents, the indescribable, unfathomable and completely incalculable horror residing beneath the front yard of the beloved public official was quickly contained by JFRD.

Fire department spokesman Fred B. reported “Meth lab on fire, Ford Pinto on fire, scary box in Hemming Park, 5-Points eatery blazes, or subterranean lairs of unimaginable ancient terrors like Cthulhus and shit; you know it’s all the same to us. We’re just doing our job.”

Mr. Corrigan could not be reached for comment.

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One thought on “Avondale Sinkhole Reveals Cthulhu Beneath Home of Tax Collector Mike Corrigan

  1. Mike Corrigan says:

    I care to comment now on this as the man that took my mommy 9 months to make me and it only took that http://www.thefunguy.com/ 1 sec to get played by me. What’s under you house bitch boi jerk jerky? I bet u got a under house for a house. “my moms basement got all flooded in the rain storm I’m sad so im gonna talk about whats under everyone but my moms house houses” my life my house my business ya old perky turky jerky bitch

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