Thee End by Toe in the Trigger

Do you like thrash? Do you like punk?

Do you know shit about fuck? Well Fuuuuuuuck Yoooooou.

Seriously though, Jacksonville has a long thrash tradition spanning the late 80s to present day. Remember Powerball, Ringworm, and all those shithead bands of the old school? Remember Grabbag. They’re still out there thrashing for you.

How can you not like Toe in the Trigger? They’ve been at it for years and don’t give a fuck. How could they. The name of their band pays homage to blowing your own brains out with a 12 gauge. This video is pretty fucking old school and pretty fucking rad. These dudes are raw 2 the bone. So dig it.

Go see Toe in the Trigger July 28th @ Phoenix Taproom and start a circle pit. Srsly, circle it up bitchezzzz.

Toe in the Trigger Lead Singer Cyco Bob Looks Like a Badass Metal Bro, But He’s a Really Nice Guy

You know you want to go watch him shred.

Back in the day Toe in the Trigger had this other crazy bro singing/screaming for them. I can’t remember his name but he was totally disgusting. He used to smash himself in the face with the mic until his face got all bloody and then he would spit blood on the audience. I’m glad I never got HIV from that dude. LOL. I think they’re probably playing their best right now with their current lineup.

Go see em @ Phoenix next month for some srsly kick-azz thrash. I’m talkin DRI, Suicidal Tendencies, fuckin GG Allen off the hook shit.


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5 thoughts on “Thee End by Toe in the Trigger

  1. war loard says:

    i only listen to the sounds of fucking bitches on your grave u watter gun squirt. talk more about the ancient aliens. i bet you cant even take a decent pee on your own u need to have some one pee on you up you pee hole to fill u with pp so u can pee regular sized pee and not feel inadequite in the mens room in the tempol of our lord!!!!

    • Mr. Pee says:

      ur pee stream is so weak it comes out as gas and u have to fill it in a balloon and flush the balloon down the pisser and when u is in a public bathroom u has to leave ur balloon floating in the urinal as a reminder to all who pass by of your pathetic

  2. Good comment. I agree with your sentiment, but I assure you that my pee is ok. It’s real good.


  4. Love Toe in The Trigger. For the record, while Ringworm is gone PowerBall is still at it full time 5 regional tours since 2011. Did a tour in 2112 with Antiseen and are playing Antiseens 30th Anniversary with the Meatmen in North Carolina October 4th!! http://www.reverbnation/powerball

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