Behold the PBone | Plastic Trombones Are Taking the World by Storm

Jiggs Motherfuckin Whigham

Jiggs Motherfuckin Whigham

Did you know that today, in the year 2012, you can now buy a plastic trombone? It is called a PBone.

And it’s only like a hundred bucks.

And it’s totally endorsed by Jiggs Whigham.

That’s right, Jiggs Motherfuckin Whigham.

What more could you need?

Check it out here. 

Unfortunately, though, according to Jiggs’ site, the closest authorized PBone dealer is in South Florida. So, if you really want one and don’t want to drive a really long distance, like 300 miles, I suggest ordering one from a trusted online retailer, such as this. But, then you’ll have to pay in Pounds Sterling.

Here, ya go. Get one on eBay and use American Dollars, like a real man. The British Pound is a female currency. Don’t believe me? Then, why does it have a picture of a woman on it?

See, a woman is on it.

See, a woman is on it.

PBones come in a wide variety of 4 colors to meet all you boning needs.

See? Look at the colors.

See? Look at the colors. 4 colors.

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