DotA by Basshunter

Yall are so not ready for today’s Song of the day. 

Basshunter is a Swedish heart-throb electro bro / pop singer / reality TV star, who makes electro-pop epics the likes of which the USA is so not ready for. I first heard Basshunter the other day on my Zombie Nation Pandora channel and got really pumped at about the 2-minute mark in DotA because of the way he flips the beat from a standard house 4-on-the-floor to an epic march/folk beat. You’ll see what I mean if you listen to the tune. It looks like he uses that beat in like all his songs. This dudes a pimp.

And apparently, as you’ll see in the vid, a gamer pimp. Yes, upon seeing the video for DotA, I learned that this song is about gaming and being a gamer pimp. Yes, gamer pimp.

So, I googled DotA and it is a game, not unlike WOW. So, yes this song is totally about gaming and the English subtitles will fill you in on the details. It’s all about pwning your opponents and shit.  This dude is classic. This is probably my favorite song right now.

Let’s get it on.


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One thought on “DotA by Basshunter

  1. mankind says:

    This is what I like today

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