Top-10 Don Redman Headlines

Is he Wearing Tiny Glasses or Does He Have a Raccoon Tan from Wearing Tiny Glasses?

  1. Redman Fumbles Frosty Order at Wendy’s “I mean come on, like anybody over 14 actually wants something other than a chocolate Frosty. That’s what a Frosty is.” 

  2. Redman Accidentally Checks “Female” Box on His W-2

  3. Redman Accidentally Puts Tampon in Dickhole

  4. Redman Forced to Ride Girls’ Bike Growing Up Because Short

  5. Redman Accidentally Buys Pink AR-15

  6. Redman Accidentally Buys Reverse Fleshlight

  7. Camaro v Miata: Redman Struggles at Dealership

  8. Redman Rips Pants, Thong Revealed

  9. Don Redman Accidentally Orders Sugar-Free Red Bull in VRB

10. ??? Drop a comment if you have a funny!


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