Councilman Steps in Poop, Tracks to 4th Floor

Halls of Power

Halls of Power

Jacksonville City Hall,

On the fourth floor of City Hall lie the offices of power. The Mayor’s office, City Council members’ offices, even the General Counsel’s office are all on the 4th floor.

Well, who then, stepprd in poop and tracked it all the way across the lobby and into the elevator and then out of the elevetor and into the council offices and then into Councilman Don Redman’s office, security officers are inquiring this afternoon.

“Look Don, if it wasn’t you, then who was it?” Chief Security Officer Stu Williams was clearly uninterested in Redman’s evasions. “Don, there’s no other councilmember who wears a men’s size 4 1/2 loafer.”

“Stu, it wasn’t me. I have proof. Look, I am wearing a women’s size 6 black patent leather pump, which I put on this morning by accident when I forgot whether i was a boy or a girl, so it couldn’t have been me!”

“Alright, Don, you’re off the hook, but I’m going to catch this smelly bastard and make him wipe it up with a roll of city-issue single ply!”

To be continued.

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