Top 2 Human Hunting Movies on Netflix Instant

1. Surviving the Game
 You know it. I know it. Everyone know it. Surviving the Game is the archetypal human hunting 1990’s action flick.

These dirtbags scoop up Ice T from his pathetic urban homeless nightmare and take him out to the woods to hunt him for sport. The hunters are Gary Busey, that dickhead from Scrubs, the bad guy from Amadeus, some other dickhead, and some whiney kid.

Needless to say, Ice T flips the script on em and fucks their shit up.

I’m always kind of disappointed at how early Busey gets killed, but he does last long enough to deliver this inspired monologue.

Surviving the Game was also the subject of a Body Count Song

A smart person made this video.

2. Hard Target

John Woo’s first action shoot-em-up flick produced for the American market features Van-Fucking-Damme in a black trench coat with a jheri-curl mullet tai-kwon-doing the shit out of everything that crosses his path.

Lance Henriksen is pretty badass as the human hunting bad guy. Lookit how many movies Henriksen has been in. Pure evil.

Seriously though, Van Damme is so fucking badass.

This movie will totally give you that action movie satisfaction (boner) of the sweet sweet 1990’s. I guess I can only sound like an old asshole when I say it, but they sure don’t make em like this no more.

Seriously, watch both of these, maybe back-to-back. You won’t be disappointed.

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