Song of the Day | Pretty Knees by Crash the Satellites

Crash is finally dropping their new album. This thing is long in the coming and I have been mondo hyped to hear it. Let me just preface this announcement with the fact that I HATE INDIE ROCK. Sure there was a time when Superchunks and Archers of Loafs rocked my balls, but come on now. That shit is dead. Let it die.

So, that’s what I dig about Crash. Crash has risen from the ashes of dumb dumb indie rock and instead of settling into one of dead indie rock’s whack-ass new-school subgenres like indie folk, indie electro, wus-pop, weenis-core, or whatever the kids are copy-catting these days, Crash plays loud hard rock and roll that comes from the deep dark hole inside of people.

BTW, remember Clarity?


Catch the album release show June 16, 2012 @ Phoenix Taproom (Thee Olde Imperiale). Ricklous opens, whom I personally rate whatevs. Prove me wrong bro.

Should be a fun show.

Congrats on the album, Crash bros. Tight work.

Ps, If you pre-order the album, they’ll make a donation to Girls Rock Music Camp, which I think is pretty cool.

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