What if There Was a Cruise Terminal Downtown?

Downtown Cruise Terminal in Seattle

Downtown Cruise Terminal in Seattle

I had a wild dream last night, which actually turned out to be a nightmare, but seemed totally inspired upon waking. I was on a Jaguars-themed cruise ship called something like The Teal Lady. It was anchored in the St Johns right off Everbank Field and it was jam packed with Jaguars fans who were partying really hard like a big game tailgate. Everyone was super excited and drunk and sporting face paint and jerseys and various fan gear.

Then, The Teal Lady sunk almost spontaneously right in the middle of the river. I was among a handful of survivors. It was a grim affair.

While this is clearly a horrific nightmare scenario which I would never wish to relive or even wish upon my worst enemy, it raises a very interesting question for me. What if there was a cruise terminal down town?

What if cruise ships could park like right up on Everbank Field and vacationers could disembark and go to an NFL game?

What if a cruise ship could park right up on Everbank Field and passengers could watch a game from the ship?

What if there was a better-than-Town-Center mall downtown where ship passengers could hop off and go shop for a day?

Is the river deep enough for this?

It seems like wherever you see a cruise terminal, you see a shitload of commerce, albeit mostly cheesy-ass-Senor-Frogs-type-shit. But there’s money in that shit. Shitloads. Boatloads.

Why is Jacksonville’s cruise terminal located at the corner of Hecksher Drive and the middle of nowhere?

I think there’s something here. But I’m not sure. Any other ideas?

Someone point me to a Metrojax research paper on the topic.

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