The Jerks of RAM

Behold the Jerks of RAM!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank for the crap Sorry I stopped subscribing to your print edition for $1/month and started ripping ur pics all at the same time. It’s all because eye heart u.

Thumbs up for discovering humane euthanasia for dogs. Put em in that and they euthanize themselves.

Cute kids. Almost enough Osprey spirit, but not quite. Add oversized UNF ball cap to the girl.

I wish I could give this 2 thumbs up, but that would require facepaint on Dad. ❤

Alright already. Too cute.

The hypno-husky now controls you. I have no choice but thumbs-upping this.

Almost enough animal print. Sorry. Try again next week.


Go to hell fitness assholes.

Classic Riverside. Used to be you couldn’t walk through 5-points without seeing at least one bird on shoulder or python around neck. Keepin it real in 2k12!

Also, file under keepin it real in Riverside. I want to thumbs up your Renaissance instrument, but come on, no Renaissance apparel? Sorry.

You win for going to RAM instead of Town Center.

Yall are too nice looking of a family. When I was an awkward tween, my folks locked me in the shed and fed me cigarettes and fish spines. Sorry, petty jealousy.

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