Judge Moran Face Tat Shocker

In a move that stunned Jacksonville’s legal community, the public at large, and would even be considered outrageous by some of the world’s stupidest rappers, Chief Judge Don Moran showed up to a hearing at City Hall sporting a freshly inked teardrop tattoo below his left eye.

Citing the ongoing drama surrounding the (not) opening of the new county courthouse, which must be more troubling to Moran than previously thought, Moran stated “I will fill in the teardrop when the courthouse opens and not a second before.”

After the long and arduous building process, many public officials have been perceived to be “out they god dang minds,” opined area man Seamus Rhodes of the Westside, “fucking sick.”

Mayor Brown could not be reached for comment this afternoon as he became paralyzed hovering his mouse pointer over his outlook send button repeatedly muttering some undiscernable mantra.


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