Riverside Luxury Flats | Is This Stupid?

220 Riverside | Will it Work?

220 Riverside | Will it Work?

For real, I can’t tell. On first glance, selling Riverside luxury flats to Gen Ye-rs seems Berkman Plazaly stupid. There is obviously no shortage of affordable and desirable housing in Riverside- ranging from crummy stoner squats to frshly renoed fancy pads. And, there is no shortage of expensive “highly attractive and convenient” hot-shot housing, such as the newly remodeled John Gorrie, which I assume is still empty.

To me, this project seems like another “build it and they will come” bad investment, not unlike the Berkman Plaza and its ill-fated cousin Berkman II, which still stains the sky line and should provide sufficient reminder to would be housing speculators.

But it aint my money so what do I care? Maybe it’ll look cool or have cewl shops in it.

My first reaction to this big bad uberbuilding is “maybe if there were jobs here for Gen Y-ers that would pay them enough to live in something like this, then this would be a good idea. But, maybe if there was housing like this, companies + Gen Y entrepreneurs might be inclined to relocate to Jax.

Oh no. Chicken or Egg?

Good luck investors. I’m sure yall are all smarter than or equally as philanthropic as Wayne Weaver.

For real, I can’t tell good idea? bad idea? Let’s discuss.

Berkman II Sux

Berkman II Sux

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3 thoughts on “Riverside Luxury Flats | Is This Stupid?

  1. Reverend Q.B. Truckburger says:

    here’s an idear: turn berkman II into bourgeois faux-squats, rent to conformist hipsters desperate for authenticity.

  2. Josh B. says:

    They should turn Brooklyn into a huge park. Piedmont Park(Atlanta) size.

  3. Telly says:

    A piedmont-size park would be so rad

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