Have You Ever “Pulled an Alvin,” or Sent a Letter You Later Regretted? | Man on the Street

Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown's Got Some Splainin to DO

Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown’s Got Some Splainin to DO

Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown recently received a scathing letter from Jaguars owner Shahid Kahn admonishing him for alerting the media that they were in a lease dispute over Everbank Field. There was no such dispute and the Mayor rather embarassingly apologized. Have you ever sent a letter that you later regretted?

My doctor accidentally sent me a letter alerting me of my gonorrhea. I later found out that I also had ringworm.
Towel Seller

I wrote a letter to Nabisco to tell them that I absolutely hated their new flavor of Wheat Thins. Turns out my roommate had been farting into my box of crackers every day for a month. I was so embarrassed, but what can you do, y’know?

I wrote a letter to my friend’s dog but he can’t read.
Fancy Clerk

I told everyone on the internet that this one kid was gay but then I was gay too and then we were gay boyfriends together.

One time I wrote a letter to the mayor but then I remembered that he is a stupid idiot so I withdrew it.

I wrote my wife’s gynocologist a letter one time asking him for tips.

I wrote a fan letter to Bon Iver but then I sent him a follow-up letter punking the shit out of him. HA! Like I listen to that weak-ass-shit.
Cat Tamer

I once wrote to Barely Legal magazine and absolutely ripped apart their pictorial about hardcore fetish-peeing. I was really proud of myself until I realized that I had actually seen the pictures in Swank magazine. Doh!

I accidently sent an email to my wife one time. Beleive me, women and computers just don’t mix.
Library Security Guard

I wrote a letter to 17 magazine about my period and I accidentally CCed my whole high school. I was absolutely mortified until the school nurse saved my life because she had read my letter, she know that I had TSS.

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