Alpha the Omegaman | Scram Brothers

This painting is sick and it is huge IRL, I have seen it.

This painting is sick and it is huge IRL, I have seen it.

So, today’s Song of the Day is a 1-minute “theme song” by Scram Brothers.

Scram Brothers is a solo music project of Ryan Strasser, who is most artistically notable round’ town for his paintings and for his guitaring with local rap-rock band After the Bomb, Baby!

Also, according to the Facebook, today’s his birthday. So, if you get a chance, wish the little guy a happy b-day.

Dig the tune man. It’s one whole minute of clap drums, electronic whips, moaning and fucking theme song radness. Do you have a theme song? If not, maybe reconsider most of your life. It’s ok, though, you can listen to this one and become inspired.

In it’s single minute duration, you will experience every human emotion back-to-back with zero overlap.

Dig the man’s other tunes while you’re at it. He’s totally on to something. I’m not sure what it is, though. And I’m guessing he aint either.

Now this may just be a weird hunch of mine, but I feel like this may be his voice on this next track. What do yall think? WTF, for real.

Here it is. Your Song of the Day BONUS TRACK

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