Safari Sam

Sharon The Face of FOX30

Sharon The Face of FOX30

Long before so-called Sharon was the “Face of Fox30,” there was this guy:

Remember me?

Remember me?

Take a ride on the old-school express with these 2 EXCLUSIVE Jacksonville Jerk Safari Sam videos.

You know you miss him. You know you want some more.

Here’s more.

Do you have any Safari Sam memories you’d like to share in a comment?
Do you know Safari Sam personally?
Are you reading this right now and you are Safari Sam?
Please share.

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4 thoughts on “Safari Sam

  1. pcarter says:

    I met this guy at Pic-n-Save one time.

  2. winthrop fist says:

    Man, I was talking about the Safari Sam when I was in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago. He’s our Elvira, Someone should restart the Safari Sam show, he could do a show with the WatchHound …. I wanna know what he’s doing now…

  3. Jibreel says:

    they let me do one of the bumpers with he and KC Fox at the Riverside Art Festival despite the fact that i was a punky 16-year old: “Bonkers is next on the Fox 30 Kids Club!”.
    i was stoked when i recognized him at the beginning of passenger 57 too.
    i don’t know him personally but if i did i’d make him bust out the SS outfit for my birthday goddammit.

  4. Laura says:

    That is one amazing man and oh so funny an just so happens to be my godfather 🙂

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