I Wupped Batman’s Ass | Wesley Willis

RIP Superman.

RIP Superman.

Hey dude. If you’re kind of young or kind of old, you might have missed seeing Wesley Willis play in Jacksonville or ever having heard of the dude. He was a giant dude. One time I was whizzing in a urinal at Jacks Rabbits and I looked up and he was whizzing in the urinal next to me and I realized how tall he was. I’m like 6’1″ and he towered over me.

He was a paranoid schizophrenic who sung ridiculous songs that were awesome. Was he exploited by the punk rock industrial complex to make money for dudes like Jello Biafra? I don’t know. He always seemed to be having a good time. He used to come play in Jacksonville kind of a lot back in the day and he’d always pack the house at Jack Rabbits.

He always headbutted stuff and people. If you went to a WW show, you’d want to cram in near the front and see if he’d headbutt you. I think he had that forehead scar from headbutting stuff like every fucking day. He died a few years back.

I roll through a few of his greatest hits on youtube every now and then, usually when I’m a little wasted and they always take me where I need to go.

Here’s a good on. I Wupped Batman’s Ass is full of tight-ass one-liners like “He was being a real jagoff.”

Enjoy it along with this decent lil video some youtube weenis whipped up (the dumb dick disallowed “embedding” so you have to go to his lame youtube page), which features some cartoon footage of Batman forreal getting his ass wupped. I wonder if Wesley ever saw this video or what he would have thought about it. He always seemed kind of serious about wild-ass stuff like wupping Batman’s ass.

Rock over London. Rock over Jack-son-ville.

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3 thoughts on “I Wupped Batman’s Ass | Wesley Willis

  1. birdilicious says:

    I met Wesley Willis and gave him a painting I made of him, he liked it so much he headbutted me thirty times. He was also an accomplished artist, I think his paintings went for thousands of dollars.

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