DJ Azamat Master of Juke

dj azamatWhat up playa?

Yo, what it do?

This is what it do. If anyone wants to know what it do, tell them DJ Azamat.

The juke master.

He’s got 4 joints up on his soundcloud, which are all sick, including a Muslim Juke. If you wanna check what’s up with DJ Azamat and what’s up with juke, play the joint on this page Arnold.

It’s my fave of the 4 because it has a steel drum solo and some damn Double Dragon bass. This is some tight-ass shit.

Who the eff is DJ Azamat? Is he for real from Samara, Kazakhstan? I assume yes. Also, check his other joints on his souncloud page cuz they are funky fresh.

If you are a local DJ, I recommend working one of these tracks into your set. People will be like “Daaaaaaaaaaaamn, where does he cop these fresh ass tunes? I’m joining his e-mail list today!”

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