Hey Alvin, Be a Team Player

Gays are OK in the NFL. But not in the Mayor's Office? Dude, Alvin.


What’s the deal with your homophobic stance on the human rights ordinance?

Are you for real? Is this really what you’re up to right now?

Even the NFL is less homophobic than you are. Check out these rookies who won’t stand for gay bashing in the NFL.

Somehow, your grown ass could learn a lot from these 19-year-olds.

Remember the election you won last year? Remember the part where you snaked all of Moran’s supporters by parroting all of her talking points? Remember the gay community who all voted for you?

What’s up witcha, man?

Look at these young bucks, standing up for what’s right. There won’t be any homophobia at all before too long, IN THE FUCKING NFL. The machoest fucking institution in the world.

But we’re just supposed to sit back and deal with it in our city government?

Naw, fuck that.

I want to live in a Jacksonville where businesses come to grow and bring jobs. I don’t want to live in a Jacksonville synonymous with Westboro Baptist and all the other backwards-ass bullshit that we’re famous for. I don’t want to live in a Jacksonville that people roll up their windows and haul ass through on their way to more progressive cities.

Like I said before, the gays helped elect you. You should be just as accountable to them as you are to whatever church leaders are pulling your stings.

Get with the fucking program buddy.

Read the quotes from these talented young men, Alvin. You might learn something.

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