Area Man Considers All Jaguars Fantasy Team

“i mean why not, bro, that shit would be rad.”

Female Jaguars Superfan

Female Jaguars Superfan

I’d have MJD, so i’ dominate the running game.

“Dude, what if we had a Jaguars-only entire fantasy league?”

Now we’re talking. Most fantasy players look at the jags and see MJD and Scobee and nothing more.

Let’s bet on which Roar members will be featured and which uniforms and what music they will perform to.

And while we’re at it, let’s talk Super Bowl 2013. The Jags are a 150/1 shot for winning it all this year. What do yall think? Could we do it? Could we strike gold, platinum, titanium, unobtanium in our hot new draft picks and free agent pick ups an new coach?

Probably not, but i’ve got $5 on it. I do it every year. And if the Jags win it all. I will be at the Alibi on Edgewood Ave buying 750 budweisers, so come hit me up. I will be sharing.

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