Jerks of the Jane’s Addiction Concert

Duval Dave Navarro

Behold the fine freaks on display at last night’s Jane’s Addiction concert @ Florida Theater. For all yall millennial wiener tots out there who think that Blink 182 = old school punk rock, Jane’s Addiction is an 80’s-90’s era punk/proto-grunge/indulgence-glam-rock powerhouse, featuring the over-the-top vocal stylings of Lollapalooza creator Parry Ferrel and all-out guitar shredding of famous weirdo Dave Navarro and 2 other rad dudes.

Here are the freaks who climbed out of the abyss of woe underneath their Westside trailer-homes to take back the night.

Where to go with this, hat or shirt?

Dude started growing that metal beard when Static X came out



bro dreads

ay fuggetaboutit

Duckfacin with my bf.

Perry: Over 50 and Ripped

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One thought on “Jerks of the Jane’s Addiction Concert

  1. Dan says:

    Don’t make fun of my dad’s metal beard he has to wear it like that because he works at medievil times and they make him and if it werent for that job my family would have nothing. Some things arent always a joke for everyone else out in the real world and u just sit there behind your computer like mr cool guy why dont you go jerk someone else around and get a real job. You asshole.

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