Whoot There it Is | Whoomp There it Aint

It was the Summer of 1993. Jacksonville-based “Miami-Bass” rap crew 95 South makes history with “Whoot There it Is,” an instant classic. Look into the genre – Miami-bass – at the time, and you’ll find that almost all good Miami-bass actually came out of Jacksonville, Florida. Excepting the obvious Miami examples like 2 Live Crew and Luke, it was all about Duval.

Quad City Knock, bitchezzz

Quad City Knock, bitchezzz

It was all about Duval until these Atlanta posers Tag Team dropped “Whoomp There it Is” exactly 1 month after the release of the 95 South version.

So weak, biters

So weak, biters

So, I put up the vids without the actual vids, just the songs, cuz we all need to appreciate how much better 95 South is than Tag Team, purely musically. Tag Team’s rhymes are whack. The 95 South dudes kill it and the 95 South beat is way nastier.

I recommend typing “95 South” into your Pandora and taking it for a ride for a couple days. You’ll probably be pretty impressed with the scope and depth of their catalog.

In closing, fuck Atlanta and fuck Tag Team. Jacksonville did it first and did it better.

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2 thoughts on “Whoot There it Is | Whoomp There it Aint

  1. unattributed says:

    According to wikipedia, 69 Boyz were from Duval too my man.

  2. Cyberman says:

    “according to wikipedia”? Man, if you ain’t know that you ain’t worth shit. Get the fuck out of my city now.

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