Riverside Arts Market Hosts Used Vinyl Fair This Saturday

Got some old vinyl records hanging around your house?

Looking to score some used vinyl at great prices?

Get down to the RAM this Saturday 5/18/2012 to get your used record fair on!

The RAM director is super excited to offer a venue for local vinyl enthusiasts and says “I want the Riverside Arts Market to look like a flea market did it with a swap-meet and gave birth to a 6-headed thrift store trash monster spewing 12″ LPs, 45s, old Playboy magazines, Garbage Pail Kids cards, vintage Volkswagen parts, and everything you can imagine!”

Apparently, the RAM is going seriously off this Saturday and I am totally stoked!

How to Participate

“There is no registration or booth fee or anything like that,” the RAM director explained, “Just show up and get your swap on. It’s gonna be on like Donkey Kong in a purple thong playing a vintage arcade Tron!”

This Saturday, RAM is getting RAD. I can not wait. I have a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge stack of vinyl I was planning on trading or selling and I will be there. I hope to see all yall there too. I especially hope to see you if you have any Molly Hatchet or Lover Boy 8-Tracks that you’d like to trade for Molly Hatchet and Loverboy vinyl. I am upgrading my collection to all 8-Track and these are very important titles.

“Seriously,” the RAM Director  reiterated, “Just come on down Saturday and bring all your stuff – ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is welcomed. There is nothing about it on the RAM website right now because, honestly, we are all very very very lazy, so do not look there for details. Here are the details: come on down to the RAM this Saturday and bring your stuff: vinyl records, leather wear, tack and bridle, gently used toys of all type, anything ANYTHING. People will be paying TOP DOLLAR.!”

Uh, ok.

Ok indeed.

See yall Saturday!

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