Mayor Brown: 3 Ethics Complaints (So Far) in 2012

So Alvin, you accidentally enrolled in the pension plan after vigorously campaigning on the promise to reject the pension, since inflated COJ pensions were a huge election issue? You accidentally filled out the paperwork and had $13K paid into your account, accidentally? I call bullshit.

Either you enrolled on purpose, sending out a general fuck you to all residents of Jacksonville or you are a total fucking idiot who “just messed up the silly paperwork.” And, you’re totally going to go with the messing up on the paperwork answer. Ok… Well, you don’t seem like a total fucking idiot…

That’s 1 ethic complaint. Now what do complaints 2 and 3 have in common with 1? They all share the “I just messed up on the silly paperwork” excuse. He was fined $500 for failing to disclose his incoome properly. “My errors were purely accidental,” he said. “I take full responsibility.”

Is a pattern emerging here?

Then we’ve got the travel expenses, which the Mayor’s office only released after hounding from the TU. He didn’t disclose travel paid for by outside groups as “gifts” because, as his chief of staff Chris Hand explained: “He is reporting it to the extent he’s required to. What has been done is to follow the advice of counsel.”

I mean, he’s not blowing city money on travel. But, if someone’s buying stuff for an elected official, it needs to be reported.

All that pesky paperwork.

Get your shit together Alvin. The courthouse chair veto was bullshit and everyone knows it. The council already had enough votes to override your smokescreening ass. And why are you still playing chicken with the human rights ordinance? BULLSHIT.BULLSHIT.BULLSHIT.BULLSHIT.BULLSHIT.BULLSHIT.BULLSHIT.

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