Top-5 Maurice Jones-Drew End Zone Celebrations

What kind of dude leads the entire NFL for rushing yards the same season his team goes 5 & 11?

This dude:


Maurice Jones Drew’s endzone celebrations are off the chain. Since he spends a lot of time in there, he’s on some next level shit.

Here’s a bunch of his “dancier” ones all strung together with a goofy ass song. Particularly notable: the one where pretends to cry and then hugs Victor the Viking.

For me, his best ones are more conceptual pantomimes, like this:

WTF does “King James Style” mean?

Oh, he’s doing a LeBron James impression to rank on Cleaveland. ??? Wait what? I don’t follow basketball, so I didn’t get it. Here, let’s ask an expert to explain.

mmmmkay. That dude is awesome/a fucking idiot. (Ps, everyone in Jacksonville talks like this.)

Here’s a good one, where he pretends to shoot dice.

That’s about all I could dig up off the youtube.

But, I want more. Where are all the really good ones? I remember one he did where he mimed getting cash out of an ATM and then making it rain.

Jaguars should put out a DVD of this stuff. I’d buy it.


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