Laughing at Jerks: TSI

TSI is in Downtown Jacksonville. It’s a great dance club. It’s been there for like 10 years.

Here are some jerks. I think this s a “dub step” party. Dub step is trendy, kinda crappy electronic music kinda like slowed down “jungle” music of 1998.

It’s cool if you dig it. I mean, it’s pretty rad. According to Facebook, mad kids kinda like go wild for this shit and wear bikinis to the club.

Here they are:

Vibin hard. Damn, I think the pope is over there!


Lookit my weird gloves. I am blowin u up.


We are underage. We are wearing slutty office, slutty goth corset, and slutty beachy. In that order.


Franky Muniz in tha house

Advice: Watchout for chicks with more facial piercings than you have chest hairs.

BBBWaaaaa hahahahahaha


Epic bro fail


Don’t push the wrong button…


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