Tebow Joins Special Peoples’ Club

Tears of Rage

All-you-can-eat charity biceps buffet Time Tebow hates Jacksonville soooooooooo much.

How much does he hate it?

He hates Jacksonville sooooo much, he’d rather play as a special teams human punching bag in NY than a starting quarterback in his ol’ hometown of Jacksonville, FL.

What’s up Tim? You think you can walk all over us and we’ll keep chanting your name: “Tebow come home!”

You’re probably right Tim. Jacksonville will never hate you. Never. No one can hate you. You’re the only pro athlete that’s not a shithead.

But, come on man. You know you’d be starting qb for the Jags. What are they gonna start pussy-ass Gabbert over you, Henne. Fuck that shit.

Good luck with special teams.

Come home any time.

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One thought on “Tebow Joins Special Peoples’ Club

  1. josh says:

    Your website is the funniest thing I have ever seen.

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