Sup Dogs – Jerks of the Loft Bar 2-Year Anniversay

I am the Jacksonville Jerk. Most of the shit I’m fixin to do on this blog is laughing at jerks. So what better place to start than jerks at a bar tryin 2 look cool.

Are you a member of Facebook? Have you ever seen photos of people “clubbin” and thought “dammmmmmmmmmmmmn b, that b is fine, I wish I was clubbing 2, lookit all the fun they b havin, dammmmmn that joint b poppin off, I better goto that club n score me some fresh Bs with nice Ts and As or some sweet sweet sweet mens meat?”

I think we all have been there.

The Loft is a bar on King St. It had a 2-year anniversary.

King St used be pretty rough up there. A ghetto border region where only the toughest gays would venture. Nowadays, the gays, non-gays and closeted gays all roam free, flitting in and out of this or that trendy establishment like Dub-burg, NY, or Town Center.

Enjoy the jerks of the Loft’s 2-Year Anny:

Epic duckface plus girl-on-girl grindage

chick wearing bathing suit to a bar surrounded by dudes wearing purple shirts

Oh no! Don’t photo me in the cuddle puddle

Uh-oh. Plucking, tanning, and hairless arm problems. In that order.

Forgot my pants but found 2 drinks.

Spacin out with my neck tat. Feelin it.

Patriot Makeup Scheme? / Aw shit, Big Bad Wolf is lurkin hard back there.

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