Gay Men, Gay Women, The Mayor May or May Not Hate You

A hater? Or just a blocker?

And don’t even get him started on transgens.

Just kidding. I don’t really think Mayor Brown is really a gay hater. But, he is starting to look like a real pussy.

What’s he waiting for?

Warren Jones, the benevolent councilman from Westside/Murray Hill floated a bill to add “”sexual orientation, gender identity or expression” to the list of things – race, gender, age religion, nationality – that are specifically forbidden as grounds for discrimination” in Jacksonville.

So far, even after offering a fair share of lip service to this subject during the election, Brown is mum on the issue. Was all his pro-gay talk during the election just crass electioneering to pander to Audrey Moran’s supporters? Did he actually shape-shift into the form of Audrey Moran during the election?

what’s the hold up Alvy?

Errbody knows Jacksonville’s first African-American mayor is a pretty cool dude. You’ve probably seen him out and about at places like Burro Bar, etc. And, you probably thought, “dang this dude is cool. He’s just like me.”

But, playing coy with obviously beneficial legislation to appeal to some disgusting secret 1st Baptist agenda is yucky 2 the max.

Also, wtf?

A) Nice helmet, bro. B) Careful not get that locally sourced upcycled cycling accessory jammed in your gears. C) Dude can’t afford his own damn bike? Must of been real serious about that promised mayoral pay-cut he campaigned on.

Dude, I’m just going to assume that Mayor Brown is totally just building suspense to reveal some kind of SUPERGAY UBER AGENDA and not that he’s squirmy about gays.

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